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Trigger Warning: Abuse

It’s a fascinating and disturbing phenomenon that women often don’t recognize their own abuse until someone else talks about theirs. This is why, when one woman comes forward with their story there is often a tsunami of similar accounts that follow.

It is not a case of us staying silent until we have the opportunity to “jump on a bandwagon” or orchestrate a “witch hunt”. It’s because our own experiences are so frequently invalidated that it takes us hearing or reading about another woman’s horror to recognize and face up to that which has occurred in our…

World Mental Health Day takes place each year on October 10. Created in 1992 by the World Federation for Mental Health, this day seeks to bring awareness to the worldwide mental health crisis, which has been in existence for far longer than I have been alive.

I’m usually not a fan of a commemorative day. 24-hours where countries around the world trot out and celebrate thinly-veiled promises and policies disguised as progress designed to appease the media, but that actually help no one. However, I believe in World Mental Health Day because if only for one day, it provides visibility…

As if there weren’t enough things in the world to be depressed about, I logged into Instagram yesterday morning and was visually assaulted by the image of celebrity tough guy, Gerard Butler, offering a young, black child some form of nourishment from what appears to be a dog bowl.

In the photo, he is crouching down, extending the red, plastic receptacle with an eager hand. He is smiling, but doing so in a way that one might smile at a wounded animal, his face conveying pity and trepidation. Gerard is the subject of the photo, the centre of the narrative…

I was in Sri Lanka when Coronavirus hit peak “oh shit” and everyone was advised to get on the next plane back to their home country. I work abroad and was two-weeks into what was meant to be a three-month stint away, traveling through Sri Lanka, Indonesia and India, where I’d planned to take some time off and do a 50-hour Yin Yoga teacher training in Goa. Overnight my plans, along with the world, changed as I scrambled to book a last-minute flight back to the UK.

I, like many others in a similar position, arrived home deflated, confused, and…

Right now, people across the globe are losing their jobs in record numbers. You might even know or be one of them. Sadly, I am firmly in the latter camp as the travel company I work for has been forced to close its doors after a successful decade because, well, no travel.

Losing any job in today’s climate is bad enough but losing the job you love is exquisite torture, it’s a bereavement. It is a loss that is expansive and angular in its growth, poking you endlessly with its sharpness. It is guilt you shouldn’t feel but can’t avoid…

Lee M

Passionate mental health advocate, wellness practitioner and founder of

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